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Tracey Cheetham’s writing draws on personal experience. She has worked in national government, for politicians and as a politician herself in local government for several years. She has been a political activist and has been involved in party politics for more than a decade.

She has had experience of the political machine at constituency and local level, as well as in the PCC arena. She has seen the party machines at work in selections and scandals. She understands much about the political game that is played at local and national level.

Tracey has been published previously as a contributor to two books on election campaigning, a book on recovering from long-term health conditions and has had political articles published on various political websites, as well as featuring in magazines, articles, print and broadcast media about politics, international aid, health and women’s issues.

Tracey’s exciting new novel Eyes to the Right is based on a political party, born out of right-wing politics, but attempting to leave that behind and become mainstream.

Tracey Cheetham